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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on james bond Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on james bond Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In Fleming’s novels, Bond is born in London but he is active all around the globe with his Secret Service Mission and a code number 007. He is made up of many characteristics and is based on various commandos whom Fleming was acquainted with during World War II in the service for National Intelligence Division. Fleming added salt to pepper by creating his own style and tastes to suit the character of James Bond. An American ornithologist was the inspiration for James Bond’s name. His character has varied tastes that are prevalent in all of the books such as his love of drink and food, enjoyment of cars and charisma, and also an approximate intake of 60 custom designed cigarettes per day (Cork, 100-120). There have been many writers following the legacy of Ian Fleming in writing James Bond novels. Some of these are John Gardner who wrote two novelizations and fourteen novels, and Raymond Benson who wrote three short stories, three novelizations and six novels. Other authors also wrote James Bond stories included Kingsley Amis, Jaffrey Deaver, and Sebastian Faulks. Furthermore, many novels were based on Bond’s adolescence such as Young Bond which was a work of Charlie Higson (Cork, 125-135). The very first Ian Fleming novel was adapted by the television arena which was called Casino Royale, in which James Bond was an American agent. Daily Express also posted a comic strip series following this book. Twenty five James Bond films have been telecasted and seven actors have scrupulously played their roles in these films (Cork, 125-135). A description of James Bond by Ian Fleming presents him as a person with a weight of 76 kilograms, 183 cm height, an elegant build and posture with blue sparkly eyes and thick black hair. He has a scar beneath his right cheek and one on his left shoulder. There are evident signs of plastic surgery on the back of his right hand. He is an all rounder athlete who can play every game, an expert in pistol shot, a connoisseur boxer, a skilled knife thrower, and does not make use of disguises as were the norm of that time. Besides English, James Bond can speak German and French and is a heavy smoker who uses three gold brands. Women are his compassion and he drinks a lot but is reluctant towards bribes (Cork, 150-170). Raymond Benson’s James Bond was born in Zurich in the beginning of 1920s whose parents were Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix, from Canton de Vaud in Switzerland. This family separated their time between a huge house outside Basel which allowed James to get fluent in German and French and an apartment in Chelsea. Sadly, both James Bond’s parents expired in climbing catastrophe on a holiday in France when he was eleven years of age (Cork, 160-170). After the demise of Bond’s mother and father, he was kept under the custody of aunt Charmian and subsequently he went to live in Kent with her. On passing the Common Entrance Exam for Eton College, he was admitted into the school. But after two school halves were completed, he was made distant from the school because he came in a supposed incident with a Boys’ Maid. Following this incident his aunt Charmian sent him back to his old school called Fettes College. The Young Bond series talk about his childhood exclusively (Cork, 170-180). Bond became a devoted golfer at the age of fifteen, a hobby which is also Ian Fleming’s hobby.

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