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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on organizatinal culture profile analysis of imperator slovakia ltd Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on organizatinal culture profile analysis of imperator slovakia ltd Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Currently, Imperator manufactures 120 assorted brands. It has over 90 employees and the company continues to develop from time to time. It has maintained ISO standards since 2003. The company has been successful in the development and sale of different products around the world. Imperator has won numerous awards throughout the world and it continues to maintain high performance standards in the face of high level competition from brands from Russia and other parts of the world. The organizational vision is tied with the attainment of the best results on the international front. This is because Slovakia's location makes it a geo-strategic point. The writer of this article seeks to blend his role as a manager in the industry with the internal structures of Imperator. This paper will use organizational culture profile methodologies and tools to match the corporate systems and structures of Imperator Slovakia and how it impacts on the individual activities and capabilities of the writer and other individuals in the organization. The paper will use the models of O'Reilley et al as well as Cable and Judge. This will attempt to examine the linkages between the corporate view and the individual expectations of the company. Organizational Culture Profile Models O'Reilly et al identify that there are three core themes of organizational behavior (487). First of all, research into organizational behavior has renewed focus on person-situation constraints. In other words, organizational behavior is based on the relationship between the people of the organization and what they organizational rules, regulations and culture permit them to do or not to do at different points in time. The second emphasis is on the quantitative assessment of organizational culture. This implies that the organization uses a collective approach to identify the extent to which different features exist within an organization. This is done through the attribution of values or figures to various components of organizations to ascertain the important structures that define and shape up an organization. Finally, there is the use of statistical methods to aggregate and provide definitive cultural features within organizations. In their journal, O'Reilly et al identified through longitudinal data, the components of organizational culture (487). This provided the dimensions within which different organizational cultures could be defined and predicted. This model is known as the Organizational Culture Profile (OCP). The OCP provides the fit of organizations and predicts organizational commitment and job satisfaction that exists within the organization. This paper will apply the OCP to Imperator and attempt to define the organizational culture and system. Cable and Judge on the other hand, defined the relationship between individual persons and the organizational culture or system (548). In their analysis, they identified that the person-organizational fit is important. And individuals apply to organizations based on their personal qualities. These applicants are selected based on their unique personality and how well that personality fits into the organization (Cable and Judge 551).

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