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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on reincarnation Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on reincarnation Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Reincarnation appears to have caught the thoughts of many and the notion receives frequent mentions in popular books, feature films and popular music.( Stevenson, 37) Discussion Written by Doctor Jim B. Tucker the book ‘Life before life’ is a scientific analysis of kids’ memories of former lives. The book brings forth an overview of over forty years of reincarnation investigation which was done at the “University of Virginia division of personality studies”. in addition the book also deliberates over birth defects and birthmarks that look like those of a departed person who is recognized in a child. Doctor Jim is an apprentice of the late Doctor Ian Stevenson who back in the 1960’s started printing case studies of kids who remembered alleged previous life memoirs. From then on Dr. Tucker, Dr. Stevenson and their associates have put together an incomparable number of study cases in which young kids usually between age 2 and 8 spontaneously analyzed experiences and memoirs of a post presence. The kids often delivered an extensive amount of evidence which included places and specific names from an alleged past life, birthmarks and facts of certain events from that life to back up the idea that a part of their awareness have somehow remained intact and have been passed on from a previous life to another. The cases became more captivating when a certain personality of a supposed past incarnation is successfully discovered normally by the child, family or neighbors. Dr. Tucker brings forth his findings clearly and systematically all the way through the book, for example in a specific chapter he would begin by summarizing a specific sequence of kid s’ cases with a similar character, e.g. occurrence of a birthmark on the kid that resemble to injuries of the kids’ previous character or even existence of printed records describing a kids reports that are dated earlier than the kids’ supposed previous character is recognized after thoroughly outlining the cases, he goes further to discuss the possible substitute explanations to reincarnation for those cases (ordinary explanations which include faulty memory, fraud, coincidence or paranormal explanation e.g. possession) and then he further goes to conclude if reincarnation offers the most convincing explanation for each individual case. He takes the reader on a universal voyage into regions of the globe with hugely differing views on reincarnation, into homes infiltrated by widely-differing socio-economic conditions and into the lives of kids with very diverse stories. Nevertheless, his assumption that reincarnation as he describes is the most conceivable explanation for most of precise cases and definitely in the frame of cases as a whole, remains unwavering all through the book. Of tuckers In most of Doctor Tuckers cases, the amount of material supposedly recalled by the kid in question is quite amazing. in one certain case, Doctor Tucker tells of a kid from whom even before he was three years old began telling her life as a vendor of incense in a community approximately a hundred and forty five miles away.

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