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Hi, I need help with essay on Comparing and Contrasting Two Poems. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages... Rather they will make an assumpt

Hi, I need help with essay on Comparing and Contrasting Two Poems. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages...

Rather they will make an assumption of a fishhook and human eye.

The love that Addonizio describes is more intense and explicit. The vivid words that she uses, unfold the true dedication in love. The character "know by hear the neat/ lines of lighting pulsing just above/ your nipple(Addonizio 1994)." Knowing someone by heart reveals that the character has a strong, obsessive desire. Through touching the tattoos and memorizing their positions, she is able to experience their visibility in detail even when it is dark. While the Addonizio's passion is described as her own feelings, we can not find clues, whether these deep passionate feelings are shared. Atwood's lines represent possession - you fit into me - you are mine, you belong to me. On another note the detailed descriptions of Addonizio throughout the entire poem suggests that she is obsessed with her love.

The crucial element in the two poems comes at the end. In the second stanza of Atwood's poem women readers are shocked and startled by the sudden change of metaphors and the literally used terms: "a fish hook /an open eye (Atwood 1971)." This is a devastating revelation - the reality of the fishhook contradicts the initial intimacy and devotion (Simmons 260). The positive image of love and sexuality is destroyed by specifying that the hook is a fishhook. If you are caught with it, you may die. This transforms a caring and warm love into violent and painful. Love can elate your spirit, you it can also cause revulsion and horror in you. At the beginning you are lifted and in love, then you hook to this someone and at the end your love may turn into painful departure from love, because love can die.

Addonizio refers to death in a different way. The tattoos are imprinted in the living body. "They'll last until / you're seared to ashes (Addonizio 1994)." The tattoos symbolize life and memory. I will remember you and your tattoos until you turn into ashes. The tattoos also symbolize the unendurable love. "Whatever persists/ or turns to pain between us, they will still/

be there (Addonizio 1994)." Our love may not be permanent, but the tattoos will be there. The tattoo carries both the devotion and sadness of love. Love is "terrifying", because it is so contradicting. "So I touch them in the dark. /but touch them, trying (Addonizio 1994)." With the night is comes the uncertainty, because in darkness you can not see, you can only feel. But darkness can carry away your beloved, and you are left with only trying to sense the tattoos, you feel him one more time before the loss. In trying to experience the touch for the last time, the character hopes that this will remain unchanged.

Atwood's "fit" claims death in the form of attach, convulsion. Losing consciousness is unbearable. Both Atwood and Addonizio realize at the end that departing either from the love, relationship or life, is inevitable. Despite the pain involved, the act or "fit" is accepted with "an open eye (Atwood 1971). " In both poems the characters are aware what will happen. They face the reality. And if Atwood's "eye" can be a pun to "I", "I" stands with wide open eyes to accept the "you" (Simmons 259). In Addonizio we can feel some self-delusion. I know that we are not together, but I still try to touch your tattoos.

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