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Hi, I need help with essay on Islamic Republic States Influence on Islamic Secular States. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file "Islamic Republic States Influen

Hi, I need help with essay on Islamic Republic States Influence on Islamic Secular States. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file "Islamic Republic States Influence on Islamic Secular States" to see previous pages...

The Islamic Secular State was declared the "compatibility of Islam with a secular state based on liberal democracy" (Aykol, 2007) in the Abant Platform held in Instanbul, Turkey. Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic State is another organizational body "seen as a compromise between a purely Islamic Caliphate,

and secular nationalism and republicanism. In their conception of the Islamic republic, the penal code of the state are required to be compatible with some laws of Sharia, and not a monarchy as many Middle Eastern states are presently" ("Nation Master"). The Islamic Republic State is therefore, a larger influence towards the Islamic Secular State. It is the purpose of this paper to identify the influence of the Islamic Republic States toward Islamic Secular States with short explorations on the political organization in the countries of Turkey and Lebanon to achieve an enlightened

The political issue in the Islamic world remains in conflict because of the cultural and ethnic differences which results to diverse interpretations of the law in the Muslim world. Religion is faithfully adhered in the Islamic community that it guides the decisions of Muslim leaders based on their interpretation influencing the political affairs. The religious leaders in Muslim community are highly respected that their opinion substantially matters to affect political decisions.

The Republic States in the Muslim World adopted by countries like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mauritania follows a theocratic form of government which requires compatibility with the laws of Sharia shaping the political and legal decisions of the state. These states although guided with one religion, Islam, vary in their governmental approach and implementation of laws.

To understand the religious influence on politics, it is necessary to understand the Sharia law which is adhered to by the Republic States in their legal execution and political affairs. The Sharia "is a common-law system in the sense that it's not written down in just one place. You have the Qur'an itself, where the words of God are recorded. You have the words of the Prophet as told to his companions, who reported them down through the years. Then you have a human practice of evaluating and analyzing the meanings of those texts. Then you have a large body of legal interpretation of lawyers and jurists trying to make sense of this material" (Feldman and

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Myers, 2008). Such is the system that is promoted to manipulate legal decisions in the Islamic world. It is the interpretation of these laws that creates a conflict in the decision making of leaders of different states in the Islamic community.


In June 1998 was the date that the Islamic Secular State was declared fully operational and ready to execute its assigned duties for a universal understanding between members of the Islamic group. One issue that the Islamic Secular State dutifully attempts to bridge up for a common understanding and interpretation is the issue on the Shariah law whereby, even Pakistanis known to identify Islam within their culture, do not recognize the Shariah law.

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