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Hi, I need help with essay on IT104. Paper must be at least 4500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages... Without successful prioritization of tasks and responsibiliti

Hi, I need help with essay on IT104. Paper must be at least 4500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages...

Without successful prioritization of tasks and responsibilities, online courses might turn-out to be a bad experience. Technology makes online classes possible, but they can also be a barrier to success in the online learning environment. One possible technological problem is having a computer that is not capable of delivering the content that the professors have developed for the course. Your computer may be incapable of streaming video, for example, because it is outdated or damaged. If the professor has lots of videos as a part of the coursework, then you will be out of luck due to a slow computer or internet connection. A final barrier to on-line learning is the problem of having a single computer to service multiple learners in the household. This is not an insurmountable obstacle, but it does require a fair amount of foresight and scheduling. Running out to buy additional computers is not in most people’s budgets. By creating a schedule of computer use, just as in a library, everyone can use the computer to get what they need. Exercise 2 I expect this course to give me the skills and information needed for me to improve my teaching. I am currently teaching Aesthetics and have a strong desire to be the best educator possible. I know my subject matter very well, but am concerned that I might not always be using the best teaching techniques. I hope that through the course of this study, I will be able to learn better presentation skills and gain a better understanding of how adults learn best. I realize that teaching children and teaching adults is a very different process. What works for one does not always work for the other. As a result, I am often wondering if the lessons and assignments I am developing are more appropriate for younger learners than the age of student I have. I often have a nagging feeling that there is just more information and knowledge out there that would help me be such a better teacher. The problem is, I only am able to create lessons based on my existing teaching experience. I expect this course to broaden my educational understanding so that I will have more confidence in the lessons and assignments I develop. It is my hope that this course will inspire me to alter some of the less effective lessons I currently have developed and to develop new lessons based on my new understanding of how adult learners learn best. In essence, I expect this course to give me the additional skills and information necessary for me to be a more effective and interesting teacher of Aesthetics. My ultimate goal is to have my adult learners transfer their knowledge into their everyday lives. This is true for me in regards to this course as well. Exercise 3 This planner can be a very helpful tool because it helps the adult student returning to the classroom to organize their dreams into concrete plans. It also is very good at helping the student to imagine the far reaching effects of returning to school, gaining an education and possibly changing jobs. Some of the affects might not be as positive as they imagine and I think it is important for adult learners to re-enter school with their eyes wide open. Most adult learners focus on the additional time schooling will take and the economic rewards they will realize with improved education.

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