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Hi, I need help with essay on Managing and Leading Change_2. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages... Furthermore, the article pertains to

Hi, I need help with essay on Managing and Leading Change_2. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages...

Furthermore, the article pertains to the organization’s management for meeting complex requirements of the clients as well as the newly purchased ‘Global Advertising Giant Publicis Group SA’. A clear vision along with specific strategy may be required for the successful implementation of the change in processes and the expected result of that change. It is a fact that successful management that leading of change requires the active participation of all the relevant stakeholders (Myatt, 2012). Critical Evaluation The phenomenon of change is highly crucial. Therefore, the ability of managing and leading change is of incredible paramount importance. Keeping in view the fact, the Fallon took various steps to implement change successfully. In this regards, one of the positive initiatives of the organization is to acquire the five page manifesto and this step was taken by the Anne Bologna, planning director of Fallon's Minneapolis office. Moreover, in order to implement the manifesto, the organization has selected high level managers having multiple capabilities and skills. Overall, this scheme follows one (1) of the guidelines for the successful implementation of the change i-e creating urgency and making it feel that the change is going to be implemented. Moreover, the article specifies that the employees of the organization developed an alliance to implement change and this was one of the positive steps undertaken by the organization. Moreover, the Planning Director of the Fallon Worldwide took a step of drafting five (5) pages Manifesto for clearing the vision of the employee. Not only this, there is another guideline for implementing change is to communicate your change vision to all the employees to have their buy in. the same has been done by the employees of the Fallon Worldwide. Therefore, it can be stated that these other positive steps undertaken by the organization (BusinessBalss, 2013). However, on the other hand, there are weak points as well or it can be said that there are certain other guidelines for implementing and managing change which have not been undertaken by the organization. It is vital to implement the change as soon as possible by creating and giving it high priority, but it has been observed that it took a year to the Fallon Worldwide for understanding the urgency of the matter (Kotter, 2012). Moreover, it is important for a leader (change implementer) to empower his / her subordinates to take extraordinary actions to bring about the desired change. In order to bring about a long term change, it is highly crucial that the leader should focus to attain short term goals. And these short term goals would always facilitate to achieve the long term goals. The Fallon Worldwide organization misses these points while implementing change and these were not only the guidelines which were not followed by the organization. In addition, apart from the article under discussion, there are guidelines for implementing change in an organization includes: the leader should never give up and change requires defying against all the odds and constantly motivating people to do the best. A good leader is the one that keeps on increasing the number of tasks so that subordinates keep motivated.

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