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Hi, I need help with essay on Search Engine Optimization. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages... This is to mean that, white hats use term

Hi, I need help with essay on Search Engine Optimization. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages...

This is to mean that, white hats use terms appropriately to ensure that their websites are visible. On the other hand, black fill their websites with content or words that get plenty of hits from search engines. White hats, when compared to black hats have distinct characteristics that put them apart in favor or against one another as one of the uses unscrupulous means and makes attractive promises (Creative Momentum 1). In relation to white hat search engine optimization, it follows regulations and guidelines to the letter, as provided by search engines to ensure that websites are visible to all that require information from them. This includes careful use of words that get numerous hits from search engines such that the words used are not meant to bloat documents or articles in the website. Instead, the words used are of a unique nature in that they are informative and, at times, act as support words for the whole article and not for exploiting the abilities of search engines. As such, websites are designed with certain aspects in mind. these include rules and norms, as well as a code of ethics to ensure that all internet activities are conducted with transparency. Based on this, following the guidelines of search engines for optimizing visibility, ensures that the ever-changing algorithms applied by search engines (Revenuewire 2) achieve transparency. This shields legal or appropriate sites from relegation, and thus gets high ratings by following meeting the terms of use on multiple levels. The white hat optimizers or designers, therefore, apply to the intelligence and needs of internet users to deliver quality content that does not fool search engines by giving false information, including in the titles of the websites. In relation to domain naming, white hat optimizers allow the actual intent of the website to appear rather than mislead the search engine user into logging into it for irrelevant content. These are the distinct characteristics of “white hat” search engine optimization due to their compliant nature, which offers protection from removal and relegation. On the other hand, black hat search engine optimizers have their own code of ethics, or lack of it thereof that sees them dump the rulebook and carry the day, but only for limited moment (Smith 5). Black hat optimization in search engines involves the application of hidden content, where there are numerous links and articles, as well as documents that are spammed with keywords, which serve as crucial gateway points for search engines. This is in relation to search engines accessing the site due to its heavy saturation with such words that are mainly used by internet users to query information from the internet. Information is usually hidden in scripts and non-script parts of code in a website, where search engines only expose it as its algorithms crawl the internet. In addition black hat optimizations tends to have meta-keyword stuffing, where in the description of the website, or even in its headers, it has numerous keywords (Wilding). These words raise the flags, both red and white for search engines thus improving the ranking of a website, especially in marketing and sites that market content to generate revenue.

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