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Hi, I need help with essay on The High Education and Economic Growth in China. Paper must be at least 7750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Add to that the institutions operate can play major role i

Hi, I need help with essay on The High Education and Economic Growth in China. Paper must be at least 7750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Add to that the institutions operate can play major role in different contexts and also face certain challenges also. E.g. a university in China built in an urban area would look quite different than one built in a rural area Kolb, 2008, p. 92). There would also be difference in the modus operand. Here it needs to be mentioned that the higher education institutions include various vocational training colleges, technical colleges as well as informal institutions. In the context of the present study development has not been restricted to macroeconomic forces only. The improvement of human condition, quality of living, etc, has also been focused upon. The study has been conducted in order to analyze the major higher education transformation in China since 1999 and the impact of the transformation on the economy of the country. The commitment of the country to achieve continuous growth through major up gradation and production of new ideas has been reflected in the five year last and present ongoing five year plan of the country (Burgemeister, 2003, p. 192). The educational transformation strategy mainly focuses on the commitments towards tertiary education to achieve significant changes in the overall style. The study discusses the amount of changes in the labour force China with reference to the supply of global labour as well as the type of profession. The number of graduate and under graduate students on the country has been growing since 1999 by almost 30% each and every year. Most of the spending made by the government is focused upon the new academic projects and the premier universities to extract the best talents possible. China has also been trying to upgrade the skills and the quality or production by increasing the higher educational reserve inputs....

This paper approves that during the focus group discussion the respondents felt that there is very little doubt over the fact that the educational expansion in China has played a major role in the economic growth of the country. But in between that the country has to face some steep challenges due to the growth of education.

This paper makes a conclusion that the education reform in China, which was initiated in the late 70’s, has made vast contributions to the overall economic growth the country. The investments made by the country to develop and promote human capital have helped the country to improve the lifestyle in the urban and rural regions and narrow the gap both economically and socially in the regions. The focus of the government is not just on quantity but on quality as the institutions are focusing on the meeting international standards. However, the educational expansion has created income inequality and increased the rate of unemployment. However, the entry of China in WTO has encouraged investments by several major firms in the country. This has created job opportunities. The experts feel that the government has to focus on the bottom of the pyramid in order to ensure uniform distribution of educational expansion however it is being felt that based on the current success and initiatives taken by the government that educational reforms would continue to play a major role in the economic reforms and China would continue to emerge as one of the most emerging economies in the world.

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