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Hi, I need help with essay on The perception as a heart of art. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file "The perception as a heart of art" to see previous pages...

Hi, I need help with essay on The perception as a heart of art. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file "The perception as a heart of art" to see previous pages...

This research will be required philosophy of art and aesthetics inside artwork as well as the scholastic discussion, which relate with visual perception, cognitive science and cognitive psychology outside artwork, and some experiments composed of ongoing low-relief canvas work and others, which can provide diverse features of surface.

Through this methodology, It will be questioned what is the position of artwork and medium as a visual signifying process and how this 'documental surface' can be reflected into the two-dimensional artwork.

Art has been a focal point for a variety of cultures since the history of time. It is an expression of how a race or a group of people perceive themselves in relation with the world around them. In this context, an important premise remains the fact that art is born from within and from influences that come from the outside. This paper is based on the fact that western culture has had an immense influence on the way art is perceived.

A bench in a park well reveals the relation between simple visual response and recognition. Although this is actually made of stone, with a texture, color, pattern and other characteristics of real wood, it can be perceived as a wooden chair. Therefore, in some points of view, perceiving something as a wooden is taking the 'documental surface' 1 connected to internal value of wood. This pattern of accepting process converted with visual and perceptible feature generally and flexibly at the same time. Similarly, they indicate how artworks have been applying to the limitation, which has similarity between making and recognizing artwork. Recently noticeable thing is that certain interactional participation is distinguishing in this kind of visual specialty. These positions can be exemplified by the following premises. Conventionalizing information such as image, event and phenomena visually is natural formulation, and it appears characteristic connected to the conventional process and method. Additionally, these information are accepted by diverse medium which can observe something instead of direct eye and can be explained better by 'external characteristics' 2 of media itself. Lastly, these two features- conventionalization of information and surface feature of media compositely participate in making artwork and conversely interact as well.

Background of Study

It is said that the way something is built has a large bearing on how it is perceived. In the case of art, the use of mass media has accentuated the play of technology to the extent that the very way that an art form is conceptualised depends on the factors that are a part of the culture surrounding it. Since 1985, the play of mass media has begun on a note that has created the scope to create art beyond what has been seen in the conventional sense. The rise of technology has been accentuated by the west. Technology has come from the west and is associated with the west. Thus, an important premise here is that most of world sees western culture as an amalgamation of technology along with an ethic that is associated with the same. (Brown, 2005.

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