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Hi, I need help with essay on Using Force Against Civilians in Time of Civil Unrest. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!On the same note, the participation of civilians in s

Hi, I need help with essay on Using Force Against Civilians in Time of Civil Unrest. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

On the same note, the participation of civilians in such activities continues to take new directions every single day, and so have their rights. Nations around the world address the issue of civil unrests differently, based on their legal systems and the extent to which civil rights are observed. In some countries, use of force against civilians during such times is a normal phenomenon, while in others, force against civilians constitute a crime against the civilians. Sweden is no exception in the civil unrest pursuit. For Sweden, use of force against civilians in times of civil unrest is against the law. The provisions of the law strictly require upholding of human rights even in times of civil unrest (EPL 111). This is due to the fact that there are causes behind the observed situation during such times. In my country, civil unrests are addressed with regard to the cause and aspect within which they occur. Civil unrest as aforementioned can result from cultural, social, economic or political aspects within the country. Whatever the cause or aspect of occurrence, Sweden requires that civilians be handled humanely. This does not mean that the civilians can act in any way they feel like. Arrests and charges are provided for by the law (U.S Congress 2187). My country holds that acting forceful against the civilians is only likely to worsen the situation. With this in mind, the region within which Sweden is found becomes directly involved. Civil unrests that have previously been experienced in Sweden have not only affected Sweden as a country, but also the surrounding nations in that region. This situation has previously proven to be one that can ruin international relations. However, in the recent times, Sweden remains free of civil unrests, thereby enhancing regional and international relationships. Civil unrests and use of force against civilians is a situation that is also accounted for by the United Nations (UN). The UN monitors civil activities in all member states, and gets directly involved in issues that apply to its jurisdiction. The UN involvement comes if the country fails to control persistent civil unrest (Michael 83). Basically, civil groups work hand in hand with the government to resolve civil disputes if any. UN talks and engagement comes in when that process fails to realize the desired outcome. My country welcomes UN involvement in all aspects that fall under its legislature. Sweden being a UN member is subject to UN directives and regulations. In line with observing her position on use of force against civilians, Sweden also observes the UN provisions on the same. Human rights are central to Sweden’s bid to deal with civil unrest while avoiding force against the civilians (Thorsten, Stephan & Philipp 76). Resolution Paper Bearing in mind that contemporary civil issues are diverse and dynamic over time, it is important for Sweden and the UN at large to account for this ever changing trend. In so doing, the liberty of a country, and its position in the UN remains strategic, prior to the relationship that should prevail between the states that make up the UN, Alarmed by the fact that use of force against civilians is inhumane in Sweden, the position of the UN in getting involved in such matters in Sweden should remain within that provision, uninfluenced by the practices undertaken in other member states during similar times of civil unrest, Seeking reforms is

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