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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Annotated Bibliography on Health Sciences and Medicine.Download file to see previous pages... Binang Goonj is illustrated as a program that brings ou

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Annotated Bibliography on Health Sciences and Medicine.

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Binang Goonj is illustrated as a program that brings out meaning on how culture is understood, promoting the cross-cultural way that people interact. They also mention evolvement as the most recent way of learning, which enables the learning materials that are not charged and activities that may improve the types of books we use often. Information in chapter 5 of this article is about the new developments in the study area that emphasizes on evolving. The chapter describes how vital the medicine practices were. patients believed that apart from treatment, there was need to be aware of the entire healing process. We learn that staying in Aboriginal community, one had to adapt on changes depending on what they were supposed to do or leave. For a certain culture to be considered safe in terms of manners and practices, they have to check out on factors like respect, empathy and their level of knowledge. Churchill Livingstone, the printing house, which is courtesy of Elsevier from Australia, is protected in a way that it cannot be reprinted or rather transmitted by people who have no authority. The article therefore, has been proofread to ensure that there are no errors and that it is updated always. Critique on Implication for Practice In this chapter, community is referred to as to families that stay under a given territory and are subjected to specific services. The authors bring out the concept about health professionals in that, they belong to a society with excellent professions and are highly respected. Aboriginal customers tend to be undermined and as a result, it affects them in terms of power, paving way for health workers to intervene using their powers to stop their differences. In this context, the health providers instill on cross-cultural ties to promote the welfare of the Aboriginal people when it comes to their cultural, health and social status. People preferred to associate with the Binang Goonj to become more informed and build each other through the meetings and seminars. For the material to be effective, the Aboriginal community was included in the discussion whereby the content of the material should be discussed in accordance with the expectation of the Aboriginal communities. Experiences and practices pertaining the community will be put into consideration to evaluate on the interaction between the members and the non-members of the Aboriginal. This will further result in negotiations about the use of the resources, which will also appreciate the initial sources. Papadopoulos, I. 2006, The Papadopolous, Tilki and Taylor model of developing cultural competence, in Papadopoulos, I (ed), Transcultural Health and Social Care: Development of Culturally Competent Practitioners, Elsevier, London, Pp 7-23 Summary To develop culturally, the author of this book enables us understand components of culture in reference to our own, and how it applies to the other people. This led to a situation whereby it was important to know about values and beliefs of our communities had and how they were spread from one particular generation to another one. Based on culture, knowledge is a vital aspect, followed by understanding. In this chapter, students are advised to understand how their culture is relevant to them in connection to what they believe. This was based on their health and behavior and the two when mixed together can assist one to understand the cultures.

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