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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic MBA Learning Journal Spring 2013.Download file to see previous pages... This will save me consulting several entities, hence save my resources. I cho

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic MBA Learning Journal Spring 2013.

Download file to see previous pages...

This will save me consulting several entities, hence save my resources. I chose to pursue my MBA program in Alfaisal University due to several reasons. First, currently I am a project manager in a local company. Consequently, I would be studying as I render my services or duties in my work place. The locality of the university will enable me book evening or weekend classes as I follow my normal career routine. Through this, I will be earning as I expand my business knowledge. Secondly, the Saudi culture and customs require Saudi women to be accompanied whenever they travel to some destinations, and currently I am not in a position to adhere to such customs, I have no one to accompany me. The AUCB MBA program is a good program albeit with some minor drawbacks. However, these do not impact on the quality of the education rendered. I had higher expectations with regard to my MBA program only to receive less my expectations. The doctor taking us through the research methodology course is not audible enough. At times, hardly get his important points during the lecturers. Research methodology is one of the most important unit or course in my program and I think poor lecture may compromise the quality of education I would be subjected to in the future. I am to spend the semester pursuing the course work (theory) and later apply the theoretical knowledge to do my practical or project work. Research methodological skills play important role not only in the project work but even after graduation. The doctor did not meet the course objective as per the course outline that he gave out to the class at the beginning of the course. By this I mean, he skipped some important topics to complete the syllabus in good time. I think this may compromise subsequent courses or units. Finally, his exams were not up to standard according to the Universities exam regulations. He meddled on one topic without providing the students with an option to select questions with favorite topics. The university requires a unit like research methodology, having a CF (cumulative factor) below 3.5 to have at least five questions from all the topics and the students must attempt the first question and select the remaining two from the rest. This was never observed by the doctor. If given opportunity to be the director of the AUCB MBA program, I will engage certain initiatives to improve the program’s quality. For instance, I would ensure the curriculum changes in tandem with the requirements of the work environment. The main problem facing the program is the regular alteration of the University’s curriculum. That was in the past. However, the university has since changed and corrected the anomalies. Observing a strict adherence to the university’s curriculum is the guiding principle. This may compromise the graduate acceptance or recruitment in international work places or organizations. As the director, I will be strict on the standard MBA lecture hours and units. I would seek to ensure the production of standard MBA graduates with capacities to be recruited in any part of the globe. Furthermore, I will improve communication with the students among other concerned parties with the program, to pass any vital information regarding the program in good time and effectively without any inconveniences. The element of semester trips has also raised some concerns in the university.

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