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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic New Product Development.The timeliness and precision associated with digital processes makes them the foremost choice for incorporation. Digital prod

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic New Product Development.

The timeliness and precision associated with digital processes makes them the foremost choice for incorporation. Digital products are a step ahead of physically digitized products. These are products that are intangible and are available for use and transfer over the digital domain only. A perfect example of digitized products is Mobile Application Software which is more commonly referred to as a Mobile App. A digital product such as a Mobile App is a software that is either available as freeware or as a paid product. In the digitized world of today a Mobile App is a handy tool that is installed on the smartphone of the beholder. This software application program or Mobile App is a complete tool that does multiple things for its user. In accordance with the instructions embedded into a mobile app the software performs multiple handy or fun filled tasks. For example, a Forex converter app is very handy for an individual working in the stock market. In line with the most current prevalent Forex rates the app can make all the required conversions for you if the requirements are dictated to it. Similarly a prayer reminder app would not only remind you of the prayer times for your designated prayers but it would also provide you with responses to different religious queries that you may have. A Cooing app would become the Chef’s best mate for it may narrate each and every detail about an ingredient and may also suggest the use of it in preferable recipes. Thus, a Digital product is a completely different product when compared to its physical counterpart. It survives in a digital domain only and has no life in the tangible world of physical products. NPD for a DIGITAL PRODUCT The New Product Development processing for a digital product has a lot of user input involved in it. Basically the making of a digital product is all about its usability. The life of digital products is dependent immensely upon the way users need it and intend to make use of it. In fact each digital product is designed in line with the user requirements only. This implies that the main input for the new project development (NPD) for a Digital Product comes mainly from the prospective user itself. A set of prospective users of the digital product to be is chalked out in the initial stage of NPD. It is then then the way each of the possible users/ audiences would interact with the digital product is chalked out separately into each singled out scenario. Each of the scenarios is a complete set of execution of instructions that need to be embedded within the Digital Product to be. Once the list of processes that needs to be incorporated in the software of the digital product has been finalized the structure is then implemented in a favorable programming language. A final set of instructions governing the Digital Product then forms the backend of a polished fine user friendly front end based digital product. The NPD of a digital product is signified by another quality which does not exist with the NPD of Physical Products. A digital product is often launched in two stages. Initially a test form termed as “Beta” form is released into the open market. The feedback that the Beta form of the Digital product gets enables the designers of the digital product to enhance parts of the digital product in line with user requirements.

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