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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Where Are We From Chineese culture and society.Download file to see previous pages... It is always your environment and surrounding that helps an ind

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Where Are We From Chineese culture and society.

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It is always your environment and surrounding that helps an individual to develop and the physical and moral attributes that one possesses is generally a sheer manifestation of the region and location that individual lives in. In my case, China has contributed a great deal in my personality development as discussed further in this essay The landmass of East Asia is covered with what we call China. We can broadly understand the country in two parts, one being the Eastern and the other being the Western half. The Eastern region can be seen as mostly low fertile lands with mountains and deserts, also including certain subtropical areas (Haggett, pp. 2746-2747). The deserts of this region are quite expansive spread over hundreds of miles. However, its counter region has rolling plateaus that are famous the way they cover that land area. Tibet is present in this part of the world. Talking about the climate of China, many people find it strange when the tops of the mountains in South-Western China remain covered with heavy snow and that too in summer season. During winters, the area is certainly very cold as much as - 40 degrees of Fahrenheit. Being there in this season of the year is a trouble for anyone who belongs to other countries. Nevertheless, the area can be extremely hot in the summer season in the same way. This means that the temperature reaches to 100 degrees of Fahrenheit in extreme summers....

I can explain this citing some personal experiences that I had with a Chinese family living in my neighborhood that had been there for quite a long time. The kids in that family were very friendly and they expressed their interest in learning foreign languages, however, their parents never showed their preference towards this. They wanted to communicate with each other merely in Chinese language and wanted no other culture to have any kind of influence over their day-to-day practices. However, these are very co-operative people, but having a long history of minority groups within their culture, some conflicts might be seen between the Han-dominated communist group of people and the Mongols of the country belonging largely to the Western part of China (Haggett, pp. 2836-2837). Due to a large number of divisions in a multitude of ethnic groups that they are segregated in, all want to have a prestigious place within the society but many of them remain low profile and they have considered their groups as underprivileged and ignored. Moreover, in my neighborhood, I found most of the people being superstitious. They believed in ancient myths and stories and largely depended upon the consultations of fortunetellers in order to set their future goals or make a decision about their career. The elders in my neighbor used to ask fortunetellers about what career their kids should choose in order to excel and this largely influenced the direction their kids subsequently chose in educational and professional context. Analyzing the whole time that I spent with them, I have certainly adopted and rejected some of their traits. The values of belonging that they show to their own culture and community are something that influenced me the most.

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