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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Reflection of the module assignment Asma.

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Reflection of the module assignment Asma. The advantage that came with it is that it gave me technical expertise. The experience was important in creating a complete e-commerce. It equipped me with skills like how to design an e-commerce, considering aesthetic factors, selecting the correct tool from among many, incorporating the social marketing plug-in into a website and others. It was a unique exposure on how online businesses are constructed and run. For example, it came to my knowledge that despite the easiness of creating a website online, making a profit from the business is very difficult. Also, I have never connected the relationship of search engines with website that are being developed, but, through this exercise I came across search engine optimisation and now am skilled on how to optimise a website for a good rank by the search engines (Grappone & Couzin, 2011). The second semester introduced advanced skills that modelled me into an advanced technologist. At first I could not understand the meaning of viral campaign project, but, with time the research and teamwork from group members made me learn and understand. The Viral Campaign Project is one great asset for an online business to promote its presence just as it is with the traditional word of mouth (Nalty, 2010). With the increased presence of social media and blogs, one can share an interesting video and it spreads fast hence marketing an idea. The project involved constructive use of tools to create a video for Morson international. As group member I not only learnt how to work with a team, communicate with a team, plan and schedule in a team, but also, how to use video tools to make a video that can go viral. 3.0 Time factor Time constraint is critical in any of the projects that we handled during this learning stint. I noted that it is very critical to allocate time to events correctly to be able to complete the tasks. The projects had a time limit and with less available time we had to gamble with what we know and don’t know to deliver. It was a learning activity that provided us the opportunity to identify what we know and what we didn’t know within limited time. It was challenging with the minimal time to complete the project, yet we managed. An example of challenge was when we were not sure what was best for Morson viral video: act or animation. Animation seemed easier and more interesting, but, the correct tool to do so was not easy to identify. These made the group delve into extensive research to come up with a presentable video. Coupling the video with Arabic voiceover was another challenge that we finally managed. I believe given more time we would have explored the best tools and best ideas and delivered an excellent viral video. I leant that when time factor is pressing. approach it by ensuring that there is a clear schedule and plan of events. 4.0 Reflection Comparison The iProject and viral campaign project are slightly different. The first was an individual project and the other a group project. However, they both required my attention. To deliver successfully I tried my best to learn from my past mistakes as a student.

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