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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Cost and Quality.Connectively, Work break down structure may be presented into three different formats namely. indented format, chart format and bubb

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Cost and Quality.

Connectively, Work break down structure may be presented into three different formats namely. indented format, chart format and bubbled format (Haugan, 2002). Therefore, this study will utilize organization chart format to show how the fifteen wires access point will be broken down within the next 90 days. In above connection, the study will describe the project management areas of knowledge as discussed in the Project Management Institute Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The study will further evaluate different cost management factors in an IT project management context. The works break down assumptions and estimated duration The cost and time to be consumed by each task will be estimated as indicated in table 1.15. Additionally, the work break down codes will be established to identify each task. Whereby, each task will be given a unique code to track it as well as cost associated with each task (Furman, 2011). In order to enhance security and vulnerability of authorized access, the project managers responsible for this IT project will work closely with the subproject team to ensure maximum data security by preventing unauthorized access of the company data (Nahari & Krutz, 2011). Connectively, the IT project will take into consideration the following deliverable: the project team will be provided with the wireless network security handling point paper and a document for access configuration. Additionally, an architectural structure for wireless security will be established. Additionally, certain assumptions of success for this project will be taken into consideration based on task scheduling, cost and quality. Whereby, the certain task will be executed fast to allow execution of other tasks (Kendrick, 2009). Security related issues will be given the first priority via conducting a wireless pilot project. In addition, cost will involve cost for purchasing the actual tools for this project as well as hiring employees who will be responsible for executing the task. However, large amount of cost will be attributed to the amount of time allotted to each task rather than costs associated with tools for executing tasks (Vines, 2002). Additionally, quality will be determined by security audit team in the IT department. Whereby, if the project security meet or exceed the anticipated security standards then project will be considered successful (Webber, Larry, & Webber, Frederick, 2006). Therefore, the four tasks for this wireless access will include. software and hardware installations, security and support programs, pilot program as well as full implementation. The 15 work break down packages under the four tasks mentioned above will involve the following. selection of hardware, conducting research on wireless security, identification of weakness and fixing them, ensuring that there is adherence to security standards, executing of hardening activities, integrating existing network authentication, technological encryption, configuration of wireless access joints, managing network systems, making a minor security audits, updating helpdesk and training helpdesk personnel, conducting wireless project review, coordinating support team and pilot programs, coordinating support implementation team as well running vulnerability testing tools (Reynolds, 2010). The schedule below indicates the task break down schedule that will be used to design a work break down structure for wireless installation. Task break down Schedule (Table 1.15) Task Codes Wireless task

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