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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Causes of Check-in Addiction.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Causes of Check-in Addiction. The negative effect of addiction to the devices is the problem of changes and destruction of language (Kim 393). This is whereby the adolescents excessively use shortened language to facilitate faster typing of text messages which end up changing and destroying the normal language.

Check-in addiction, therefore, is significant to people of different ages but more significant in adolescents where it results to high levels of schizophrenia and where the addicted adolescents tend to show high levels depression and impulsive symptoms (Kim 394). Check-in addiction thus has emerged to be a current social phenomenon.

Various aspects and behaviors lead to check-in addiction whereby individuals get to a situation where they usually feel the urge to check their cell phones and computer for new messages and emails even at times when there are no messages. The main cause of check-in addiction is the fulfillment and achievement of emotional goals. People are usually compelled to fulfill different emotions including thrill, irrational behavior, anxiety and panic (Kim 392). Out of these emotions, people find themselves getting addicted to a tendency of checking their devices regularly. In addition to fulfillment of emotions, check-in addiction may as well be caused by a number of interrelated factors which include using the cell phones and computers as a form of communication and using them without having an actual intention (Kim 392). Availability of extensive options in these devices and the fear of missing out as well may lead to check-in addiction.

Check-in addiction may be caused by using cell phones and computers as a communication medium. When a person is, for instance, expecting to get certain information from another person in form of a text message or email, the person keeps checking their phones to see whether they receive any messages concerning the message.

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