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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Cross-Cultural Study of Sex and Gender.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Cross-Cultural Study of Sex and Gender. It has been widely known that all of those given parameters contain provoking issues that affect the whole society throughout history. There is no excuse for all forms of societies around the world have one or more of those problems. Each problem has its own topics of debates among the societal members.

The pros and the antis regarding specific issues take their stance by proving the other side as wrong. They present details to support their claims and arguments are sometimes placed in a book form where they show all of the details. They explain those arguments as much as they can and share those with other people. Though that may be the case, some books do not side with any argument as they try to objectively study, analyze and present the issues and the probable solutions from both sides.

As mentioned above, those issues are very important to solve though they already exist for decades. One of those is the issue of sex and gender and how the society views it. As a topic, it is a broad and controversial concept with many issues deep within. The concept is not restricted to the view on the sex as an act pertaining intercourse but also includes genital health, pregnancy, gender orientation, gender equality, and many more. They are all important topics to be discussed since everybody is affected by one or the other.

In the paper, three books are presented and are reviewed critically regarding the various issues in gender and sexuality in various settings. Each book tackles the different issue which is important to be disseminated to everyone to prevent oppression and negative effects. After looking deep into the issues, possible solutions are made and further studies can be done to strengthen the understanding and establish the solid answers to existing societal problems.

The first book is entitled Fixing Men: Sex, Birth Control, and AIDS in Mexico written by Michael Gutmann based on the research he made in Oaxaca. He revealed some unfamiliar facts mixed with new findings regarding the role of men in reproduction as AIDS has become rampant.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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