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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Implement a program for juveniles.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Implement a program for juveniles. Social dealings that guarantee smooth progressing of social relationships are now disintegrating. Lifestyles are changing and are becoming less predictable and more varied. Rapid population growth, inaccessibility of support services, unemployment amongst youth, overcrowding in poor neighborhoods, poverty and disintegrating families, etc. are some of the burdens the youth of today has to deal with.

The young generation, irrespective of gender, country of residence or social origin is imperiled to risks, but on the other hand they are also presented with new opportunities. some of them beneficial while others may possibly be harmful. Quite frequently, young people commit numerous offences like. becoming drug addicts and using violence against peer.

The youth indulge themselves into illegal activities due factors like. lack of adequate youth activities in underprivileged areas and increase in single-parent families or families with both parents working etc. This reduces the number of role models children have to look up to while growing up. (Youth Mentoring, 2003)

This raises the need for youth mentoring programs to provide the youngster with role models and assist children to develop emotionally and socially. Such programs help children learn to comprehend their feelings and communicate them. Juvenile programs are designed to enable kids to relate to their own age group and also develop relationships with adults.

There was a time when juveniles were thrown into jails and had to serve long prison terms and physical punishments just like adults. Though longs term sentences, corporal punishments and even death sentences are still practiced, but reformers who were concerned about harsh treatment of children urged the government to establish separate court system for the young criminals. The court here acts as a guardian or parent to help and protect children.

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