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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Relational Approaches to Poverty.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Relational Approaches to Poverty. The failure of the methods is caused by the lack creativity in their creation and implementation. In an argument by Smith (2005) a relational approach refers to the consideration of the main problem without being distracted by the minor impacts of the problem. The author further points that relational approach refers to the ability to solve issues causing poverty through changing the government actions mainly on the distribution of wealth. In regards to poverty, a relational approach is an eradication strategy that tackles poverty by addressing issue in the government policies. The main objective of a relational approach to poverty is to minimize waste of funds on a timely basis by putting in place a long term solution to the problem

A residual approach is created fill gaps that are created by social and political organizations. In an argument by Firebaugh (2000) residual methods are only used to put in place mechanisms that would increase the responsibility of stakeholders. For instance, a relational approach may require the government to provide funds for community projects. Businesses and investors share the same requirement. However, the approach is not implemented until all stakeholders fail to deliver on their requirements. In an argument by Cammack (2002), a residual approach only bears importance at the failure of the original plan. In regards to poverty, a residual plan is not created to eradicate poverty as the main plan but as a plan aimed at rectifying mistakes made to eradicate poverty.

On the other hand, relational approach refers to an approach that is more demanding and requires the full cooperation of involved bodies and organizations. Stewart, Laderchi and Saith (2007) point out that a relational approach addresses issues by demanding mandatory responsibility from involved parties. In addition, the approach requires the use of any available skill to address the problem. In poverty eradication, relational&nbsp.approaches are used to create mandatory requirements from the main stakeholder, the state.&nbsp.

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