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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Importance of Effective Marketing in Advertising.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Importance of Effective Marketing in Advertising. The advert displays “multiply computing performance and maximize the power of your employees.” The purpose of the advert was to illustrate how Intel’s Core 2 Duo processors can boost both the employees’ productivity by running numerous computing applications at ago to promote the company’s efficiency (Boykin Para 1).

Intel Company use of identical sprinters was a symbolic tool as it was used to illustrate how the new Intel chips were quicker than it’s rival competitors while the white man at the middle represented the management or businesses which would greatly benefit from the chips speed, as well as their employee's efficiencies in computing operations (Boykin Para 2). The new chips are 40% faster than its rival competitors which outwardly represents its performance in comparison to competitors. At the adverts footnote, there is a statement that its speed has been enhanced than its previous version. The footnote aims to differentiate the new chip’s speed from its latter version.

The advert's target audience is the business user. It portrays the manager (white man) in an office environment with his employees (the sprinters) where Intel’s product will greatly maximize his work efficiency. The company aimed to reach especially to the business owners who use computers often to run their operations. The ad further aimed to persuade the business owners that his employees’ efficiency could be doubled by the use of the enhanced products. The white man is seen smiling which implies that the owner would be satisfied by his employee's performance after using the product (Kaser 67).

The ads context is shot in an office setting which denotes that the product is more useful in an office environment. Behind the advert, there is a visible image of the office desks, chairs, and window panes. The context of the ad largely provides that the office is the most suited for Intel’s product (Kaser 88). Furthermore, the coaching position of the employees depicts the product will bring out the employee's potential in a more competitive nature.

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