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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic E-Learning: Advantages and Limitations.Download file to see previous pages... These kind of educational programs are recognized as e-learning program

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic E-Learning: Advantages and Limitations.

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These kind of educational programs are recognized as e-learning programs. Several universities are concentrating on either changing their current educational system or adding an e-learning educational system to their current educational practices. Debate has taken place over the advantages of e-learning, and several limitations have been figured out. One of the main benefits of online education is that due to e-learning opportunities, those individuals who are disabled and geographically restricted can gain access to both further as well as higher education. E-learning has even enabled those individuals who were experiencing social restrictions to attain higher education to gain it. Those who do not favor this form of education believe that this type of education leads to isolation due to lack of interaction amongst students and instructors. Certain people believe that this form of education is limited to people who have access to required technology. Body Student Perspective Over the past thirty years, e-learning has gained ample amount of popularity because this has aided those individuals that were not able to access higher education for several years in gaining it. E-learning opportunities have enabled individuals to learn and develop with the assistance of appropriate technological advancements. ...

One of the problems experienced by those who want to pursue higher education is that they have to work in order to take care of their family, and due to this, they fail to manage time for conventional classroom learning. E-learning has countered this problem and had provided these students with the benefit of determining the setting in which they want to study, the time at which they want to study, and the speed at which they want to study. According to Shabha, online education can improve the academic performance of individual students (as cited in O'Neill, Singh, and O'Donoghue 317). Several students experience difficulties in concentrating and participating in conventional classroom educational system because they are quite shy. Online education counters this problem as in online educations students do not feel shy as face to face interaction does not take place, and they can easily raise concerns and inquire to gain education. Another benefit that students obtain from online education is that their productivity at their work settings increases and their relationships with work groups and family members increases. they spend more time at work and with family and they do not have to comply with strict classroom schedules. Those who argue that online education is not beneficial for the students base their argument on grounds of loss of interaction which might result in isolation from the society. Wang states that online education is based on Asynchronous approach. according to this approach, the interaction between the instructor and the students remains on the lower end during online educational sessions (Wang 1).

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