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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Why is graduate study important at this time in your life.Download file to see previous pages... As an initial matter, I am vested with many supervis

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Why is graduate study important at this time in your life.

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As an initial matter, I am vested with many supervisory and training responsibilities. I am directly responsible for training staff in routine clerical and administrative matters. My function is to ensure that these staff members are familiar with Department of Transportation policy and able to accomplish the purposes of our office. In addition to initial training, I continue to supervise these workers and keep them up-to-date with changes in policy and duties. In addition, my job requires a great deal of planning. This involves the delegation of assignments, matching personnel to work projects, and evaluating alternative courses of action for certain work projects and assignments.

Another important aspect of my job involves the need to keep detailed and comprehensive reports and records. As a state agency, these are important and time-consuming responsibilities. I prepare charts, tables and reports and enter them into our computer program for evaluation by my superiors. I maintain the agency manual, the electronic tracking system, and make modifications when necessary. The final aspect of my job is related to a more generalized administrative support function. ...

This is because I believe that I have completed the previous steps in my educational and professional career that are necessary for graduate study to become both more meaningful and more necessary. In addition, I believe that I have exhausted a great many challenges thus far in my professional life, and that it is time to expand my theoretical knowledge and to prepare myself more full for additional challenges and opportunities. Really, there couldn't be a better time for me to pursue graduate study.

I earned my BA in Business Administration from Baruch College back in 2001, and I have updated my professional skills and work experience over the past five years. I have, for example, completed an income tax course through H&amp.R Block, became a notary public and joined the Notary Public Association, improved my technical and computer software skills, and worked closely with many experienced workers and supervisors at the New York Department of Transportation. I have, in sum, developed a more comprehensive theoretical background to a variety of substantive and administrative issues, and also attained a wealth of work experience. I am familiar with many successful methods of operation and also aware of certain shortcomings which need improvements or different approaches.

Based on the foregoing, I believe that I am at the perfect stage of development for graduate study. This is because I have the experience to value the knowledge, the interactions, and the opportunities offered by graduate study. I will enter as a graduate study with real-world experience, with questions to ask and consider, and with an understanding of how these issues play out in the real world.

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