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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Public Sector Cybersecurity Issues.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Public Sector Cybersecurity Issues. This makes lawmakers, who fall within the domain of the public sector, to come in to protect customers’ privacy and interests. Lawmakers in the public sectors also aim at ensuring that the interests of all members of the public are served satisfactorily. Established cybersecurity regulations have, however, affected the delivery of services in both sectors. This paper will discuss private sector-public sector cybersecurity issues with a focus on the American food industry.

The food industry is the biggest industry in American society in the private sector. There are many companies within the industry including U.S. Foods and McDonald's among others. Its main goal is to provide members of the public with quality food and services (Nutt, 2005). Other goals of the industry include: offering ethnically different food options that are fairly priced. and ensuring excellent customer services that are available when needed or ordered. It also aims at providing high quality and fair paying jobs for all foodservice employees. The management in all businesses in this industry makes sure that these goals are prioritized so as to maintain a positive image for the organization among customers (Nutt, 2005).

The American food industry has many players and therefore each one of them is devoted to win and retain customers. This can only be assured by providing customers with quality and attractive goods and services. While some goods are manufactured for customers to buy, others are processed on customers’ requests and based on their preferences. Many businesses in the food industry collect and store customers’ metadata in their databases as noted by Goldstein (2014). Metadata is very important in defining the customers’ needs (Goldstein, 2014). This enables companies in the food industry to know the goods and services that different customers prefer.

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