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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The Influence of Regeneration on the Art World and Business.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The Influence of Regeneration on the Art World and Business. Liverpool is one of the cities that have experienced refurbishment after the Second World War. According to Whiteley (2002), Albert Dock in Liverpool is an example of artistic regeneration that occurred in the United Kingdom after World War II. Other cities that experienced regeneration include Brighton and Margate (Slater and Lles, 2009). Therefore, the damage caused by World War II can be considered as the main contributing factor that led to redesigning of most cities in the United Kingdom.

Regeneration in the United Kingdom has had various effects in the artistic world and business. According to Slater and Lles (2009), regeneration through the use of art works properly but needs to be given time to be judged. They continue to suggest that artistic work should not just be viewed as physical but should also be seen as a process that is socio-political. Form these sentiments. it is evident that regeneration through artistic work has economic positive effects. This means that artistic work economically boosts a country’s economic status. By redesigning cities to look easily accessible through refurbishment of roads and appealing, it has gone a great way in bringing more revenue to the United Kingdom. Public artworks have attracted tourists from all over the world thereby building the heritage industries in the United Kingdom. For example, the regeneration of galleries in Brighton has attracted many tourists. Therefore, through this artistic works the government of the United Kingdom has been able to collect more funds from the tourists, who visit these cities hence, contributing to economic development of the United Kingdom (Singhal et al, 2013).

Regeneration and the art world are two entities that go hand in hand. Regeneration basically involves the transformations that are done to a city’s amenities such as galleries, iconic structures, roads and buildings within the city (Bailey, 2012).

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