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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Abrahams Promise by Michael Wyschogrod.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Abrahams Promise by Michael Wyschogrod. This book is also an attempt by the author to bring Jews and Christians together and this he has done by raising logical questions that reflect upon their profound sameness rather than their deep differences. Kendall has not argued about the similarities or differences that Christians eagerly claim their Jewish faith roots, but he has endeavored a reason to consider that what escorts Jews to understand Christian theological concepts and why there is a need for the Christians to learn about treating minorities with dignity. This book reveals how the gap that has built over centuries should be bridged in order to gain an in depth understanding of both communities.

Declaring the reason behind Gods love, Kendall points out what God expect from humans is the divine acknowledgement of their relation of their bodies with their souls, and since God believes in a free love, he has never limited humans. As a matter of fact, God himself is never limited to any particular genealogy. He had always possessed the right not to select Abrahams descendants as chosen ones or to replace his chosen ones with any other people not chosen.

Kendall portrays Abraham, Issac and Jacobs God and presents before the readers a notion that God selected Israel as he loved Abraham descendants and chose them from among all groups. According to Kendall “God wanted a people who could not leave him” (Kendall, 2004: 50). For this reason Kendall points out that God favored and loved Israel in the same manner as a man loves a woman or his wife. What Kendall wants the reader to contemplate upon is the question he addresses that what caused God to choose a biological family rather than a community of faith (ibid).

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