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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Promoting Individual Health.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Promoting Individual Health. The plan is based on providing knowledge and awareness of the ethical issues associated with health and especially the inherent. In the given plan, a specific scenario of Erick is looked at. Erick is suffering from Autism Spectrum. The plan thus analyses the causes of his behaviour and seeks to link it to the causes of the health promotion as well as providing teaching lessons to his parents on the importance of health promotion, how to adapt to the current situation of their son and finally, Erick’s learning because of disability. In addition, the plan analyses the position of the parents of Erick and especially the case of Molly. The plan is very important since it equips an individual with psychosocial behaviour that affects the wellness of an individual in terms of behaviour, cognitive abilities, environmentally among many more (Rappaport & Seidman 2000, p. 171).

A scenario of Erick is chosen to be used as a point of reference. Erick is a son of Molly and James. His mother, Molly, suffers from diabetes and his father, James, works as a driver, driving long distance vehicles and thus he is rarely at home. Eric has a learning disorder, though mild. He also suffers a little in the autistic spectrum. He often gets frustrated and as a result, throws anger tantrums at the fellow students and teachers, especially when he goes to school whereby he attends a mainstream school. Autistic spectrum refers to the conditions that an individual suffers from that majorly affects the communication by an individual, their interests, social interaction and also affects the behaviour of an individual (Pandora 2006, p. 96). In addition, the autism spectrum also includes childhood autism and Asperger syndrome. The condition may not show its symptoms immediately, but after some time.

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