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Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Labeling Is the Primary Source of Deviance.

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Labeling Is the Primary Source of Deviance. Deviance is defined as the action that strays from the norms and the rules of the society specifically set by social groups and certain individuals. Such actions can affect specific members of society, thus it is considered as a social problem and resolved through social and legal actions. By studying the causes of deviance, a better understanding of a particular society can be achieved (Unit A Introduction, p.1).

The paper is aimed to present and discuss deviance and one of the primary sources which are labeling. It is important to determine and to understand the causes of deviance to be able to resolve the effects of the concept in society.

In the field of sociology, there is an assumption that the society is “healthy, harmonious, stable and good” and deviance is any action that diverts and changes the balance (Unit A Introduction, p.2). For that matter, there is a need to determine the reasons and the causes of such actions. One way to look at deviance is through political and organizational policies. The leaders can be considered to have the authority for social control while the groups contradicting are composed of the deviants doing anti-social actions (p.3).

Labeling is classified under the main causes of deviance. A better understanding of the cause of deviance is important to be able to understand the root of such actions and the possible ways to resolve them. There are different theories established to grasp the issues related to deviance. One of the said theories covers the relationship of labeling in the society to the onset and expression of deviant behaviors.

Labeling, which is also referred to as interactionism, is a theory that defines deviance as any behavior against the set rules. This can be considered as a primary cause of deviance since the society reinforces or strengthens the group or the person’s role as a deviant by pointing out and identifying the person.

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