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Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Effective Resource Management.

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Effective Resource Management. In the article "Motivational Management. Developing Leadership Skills" written by D. M. Eade, the author gives some recommendations as for employees motivation and change strategies, which can be successful in health care practice. The purpose of the article is to single out the most important characteristics of effective leaders and evaluate the importance of leadership in health care. The author examines employees perception and understanding of the notion of a leader and the role of a leader in the process of management.

Summarizing the main features of an ideal leader it is possible to say that being a leader is not a position, but a function. It requires getting the job done. In terms of leadership, the aim is to recruit and develop motivated managers who lead proactively. They are expected to be clear, to delegate and to get others to participate. A key aspect of leadership is that of aligning people with the goals and values of the company. In resource management effective leaders identify productive areas of confusion and uncertainty that exist in society, demonstrate that they do not have all the answers but are willing to learn, and is able to act differently, think differently, and seek inspiration from different sources, then leaders of the past. The obligations of leadership include effective training, deep insight into new tools and advancements and their impact on the future, strong corporate nurturing, and repeated practice could yield the best result, a well-rounded, skilled, and instinctive leader. On the other hand, the author of the article does not include in her discussion such important features of good leaders as the ability to cope with complex technological change in their organizations. The author: "noted that solid strategies are necessary, but not sufficient in and of themselves, for good planning. Detailed action plans based on those strategies are critically important" (Eade, 1996).

General leadership skills are not sufficient in enriched environments. It must directly relate to the tools, medium, strategies, and competencies found within this culture. A leader should possess the competencies to use and evaluate new tools, but he/she must also have insight into the impact these tools will have on the future of organizations. The ability to develop a shared vision for new resources within an organization is an essential part of management, especially in health care. Employees prefer to have a leader who is a self-achiever and motivated to become a role model. Changes in resources often produce a "chaos situation" where change management in the use of instructional technology in teaching and learning becomes increasingly important. The leader must be ready to cope with difficult situations. Effective leaders recognize that what they know is very little in comparison to what they still need to learn.

Leading others is not simply a matter of style, or following some how-to guides or recipes. Ineffectiveness of leaders seldom results from a lack of know-how or how-to, nor it is typically due to inadequate managerial skills.

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