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Hi, need to submit a 2750 words essay on the topic Retailing Business.Download file to see previous pages... Discussion will be mde bsing on one of mngement prdigms used to review the wy n orgniztion

Hi, need to submit a 2750 words essay on the topic Retailing Business.

Download file to see previous pages...

Discussion will be mde bsing on one of mngement prdigms used to review the wy n orgniztion functions. The most suitble prdigm in discussion of orgniztionl culture nd structure is interpretive discourse. Current paradigm was chosen because it assists in defining organizational culture and visualizing the structure of an organization.( As long as interpretetive paradigm aims to characterize how people experience the world, the ways they interact together, and the settings in which these interactions take place and thus, the discussion in present paper will be based on this specific approach (Burrell, Morgn, 1979).

In the end, current pper will provide recommendtions for n orgniztion in frmes of chosen prdigm. The structurl chnges of orgniztionl strtegy re presented nd recommendtions to the top mngement tem t Tnglewood re provided.

Tnglewood is leding chin of retil stores proposing items such s clothing, pplinces, electronics, nd home decor. There re totl of 243 stores wth more thn 29600 people employed in the sttes of Wshington, Oregon, Northern Cliforni, Idho, Montn, Wyoming, Colordo, Uth, Nevd, New Mexico, nd rizon. The compny opertes in the moderte price niche, trgeting middle- nd upper-income customers. Tnglewood's strtegic distinction is n "outdoors" theme, with lrge cmping nd outdoor living section in every store. The store lso distinguishes itself by its simple, elegnt, nd uncluttered design concepts for the store nd their in-house products (ilwdi, Keller, 2005). The compny's mission sttement is:

"Tnglewood will be the best deprtment store for customers seeking qulity, durbility, nd vlue for ll spects of their ctive lives. We re committed s compny to providing mximum vlue to our customers, shreholders, nd employees. We will ccomplish this gol by dhering to the core vlues of responsible finncil mngement, cler nd honest communiction, nd lwys keeping performnce nd customer service in the forefront"

(Dunne, Lusch, Griffith, 2004, p 83).

Relyng on sles of non-food tems nd on nterntonl sales particularly n emergng mrkets--for n mportnt prt of the compny's future expnson, Tnglewood hs delvered one of the fstest orgnc growth rtes of ny mjor retler n the world. The process of growth hs been very quick in the lst 5 yers, nd hs involved buyouts of severl smller chins of deprtment stores. While ll the stores under the Tnglewood nme hve the sme bsic look, the mngement styles nd humn resource (HR) prctices still reflect the historicl differences between stores. (Dunne, Lusch, Griffith, 2004).

Underpnnng Tnglewood's success s excellent mngement nd n obsesson wth opertonl effcency nd productvty gns, whch the compny uses to keep prces low or to mprove servce rther thn to ncrese ts opertng mrgns. Despte ths mpressve record, Tnglewood s stll reltvely smll compred wth the lkes of Kohl's nd Trget, but t s growng fster (Dunne, Lusch, Griffith, 2004).

Despte ths mpressve record Tnglewood stll fces number of chllenges during the fiscl yer. The US retler is smll n comprson wth the lke s Kohl nd TrgetCrrefour so it in order to rech hgher records it hd to substntlly nvest n hrdwre nd softwre of both compnes so tht the sustnble compettve dvntge n ts onlne retlng busness hs been reched. (Dunne, Lusch, Griffith, 2004).

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