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Hi, need to submit a 2750 words paper on the topic Cultural Impacts On HR Activities.

Hi, need to submit a 2750 words paper on the topic Cultural Impacts On HR Activities. This esssay stresses that economy is the second dimension of culture. In this case the production and distribution of the wealth is to be considered. Anything and any item that has value can be regarded as wealth and it is worthwhile till its value is lost and it becomes scarce. This category can also include the goods and services. However, in this case the goods are considered until they provide the services that they are supposed to.

This paper makes a conclusion that the multicultural international work force needs to be created for the international operations. The specific example that can be quoted here is that of the multinational firms having their headquarters in the united states. The American managers are sent to the overseas countries to carry out the overseas assignments where they face the cross cultural challenges. Culture here plays the strongest role as the cultural backgrounds teach the managers the manners and the ways to react to a situation. Beliefs and the behaviours are the end products of the culture. The human resource training is being given to the mangers to understand the facts and the sensitivities related to the different cultures. The appropriate and the most suitable intercultural services is the need that should be realised by human resource managers in modern times as here the right selection will be a determinant of the organizations’ success. The global village has opened newer and better opportunities for the organizations to grow by making more intercultural contacts that lets these organizations grow.

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