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Hi, need to submit a 3250 words essay on the topic Information and knowledge in technology.Such information flow cannot be regulated by the government.Search engines have evolved into very efficient m

Hi, need to submit a 3250 words essay on the topic Information and knowledge in technology.

Such information flow cannot be regulated by the government.

Search engines have evolved into very efficient machines today. The first search engines did not meet the needs of the average person. Searches yielded irrelevant information. Companies paid search engine companies to show their websites whenever a customer searched for a certain word or group of words. For example, when a person searched in Yahoo for the word “car," BMW was among the first websites to appear even before a website that defined the word “car" (Battelle, 2005).

While such advertising models were beneficial to businesses, customers hoped that an efficient search engine would be created. People wanted a tool that would help them get information fast. When Google was created, it answered most of the customer’s needs. First of all, the philosophy that drove the creation of Google was to organise all the information of the world so that people could easily search and get it. The company refused to follow the model of Yahoo and other search engines. In fact, it took some time before Google thought of a way of monetising the search engine. Deep down their hearts, they wanted to help people out. It is the reason Google is the number one search engine on the planet.

Other companies followed the model set by Google, so included Microsoft with Bing. Google and other modern search engines earn money through advertising. They use pay per click model whereby all the adverts that appear after the customer searches for information depends on what the customer has looked. It is not a random system.

Social media is another method through which people get information. Human beings are social and they do not live in isolation. The fact that people can connect and communicate with loved ones post photos and content such as music and video have revolutionised the way we live. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter facilitate massive transfer of information for people who have signed up for

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