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Hi, need to submit a 3500 words paper on the topic Generating Electricity from Garbage.

Hi, need to submit a 3500 words paper on the topic Generating Electricity from Garbage. Take your paper to the writing resource center in Odegaard library for even more help in editing.

The changing lifestyle of modern consumers has influenced their consumption habits. A huge amount of waste is generated throughout the world, which has caused major problems in the maintenance of environmental balance. Converting waste products into energy is a very innovative process in electricity and heat generations. This is a process of energy recovery. Conversion of waste to energy includes the burning of residential, commercial and hazardous waste including plastics, paper, food scraps, and metals. Renewable energy has a significant role as an alternative source of fossil fuel in the United States. The combustion of organic waste recovers a huge amount of energy. Strict emission standards are being followed in the case of the production of energy from industrial and commercial wastes. In the US, the process of converting waste to energy began in the first phase of the 20th century. This was influenced by the production of steam from waste. In the present time, the United States has around 87 number of waste to energy plants, which generates nearly about 0.4% of total US power. The country is developing and improving its waste to energy conversion process for environmental benefit and in order to reduce waste found in nature. The main drivers of waste to energy conversion are high tipping fees imposed by landfills in the US for receiving large quantities of waste. High gate fees make energy generation and recovery very economical. It influences to prohibit landfill cost. Waste to energy conversion is an effective alternative for disposing of waste. The waste products like paper, wood, cardboard, cloth, etc. which are of biological origin produce renewable energy. Availability of a huge amount of waste material influences this process of generating energy from waste or garbage. But this process also has a negative effect on the environment.

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