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Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Description of human emotions.

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Description of human emotions. We are born with emotion. The first emotion that we express is towards our mother her touch is divine it creates an eternal bond between mother and child. It is said the she is the first teacher of the child. She rears and up brings not only a child but a complete personality. Her place in the child's world is irreplaceable. She is the God's best creation, playing different roles in our lives.

I could have never thought the importance my mother holds in my life and with what feelings she has nurtured me until the day when I visited Washington, D. C, in front of Lincoln memorial. It has filled my heart with gratitude when I went in the Korean War memorial park. This has given me a lot of impression and provided me with the chance of re-analyzing what I am blessed with. I am a grandchild of a soldier who sacrificed his life to safe guard his countrymen to safe guard me during the Korean War.

When I saw the gravestone of American soldiers mentioning 54,246 deaths and 8,177 missing my heart sinked with grief. I was reminded of my yester years when my mother used to preach me about peace. The sacrifice can never be small. The importance of lives is understood when one is not around. We have to live with the memories only.

When I saw a women paying homage to the soldiers, I could grasp the importance of each and every life on this earth. The soldier has sacrificed his life to protect his countrymen. He has sacrificed his sleep and life's comforts. The thought provoke me "the soldier has done this for whom For me of course! Also for the people like me."

I felt really pity for the women as a single life influences the lives of many. An entire family suffers after his demise. If the family is strong females of the families are capable enough then they can rear their children but what about those families where this is not the case.

Today, my heart is filled with gloom why on earth we human beings have to fight for might Where are we heading Who is responsible Do we really belong to the society of the most learned and educated and most intellectual species of the planet Where are we heading What we are gaining by proving this might Who has given human beings right to kill Why do we need to kill each other In the end what we got

These questions put a question mark for our progress. Are we really progressing or we are up to digging our own graves. The money and economy of the country should be spent to kill others or it should be spent to cure others! Why can't we stop this war forever Why can't we prevent human race our planet, and all other animal and plant species from disaster.

We can do this. If the Korean War could have been avoided I would have been with my grandfather. I would not be deprived of learning from his experiences. I would have learnt the meaning of loving relationship and bonding between a grandfather and grandchild. How many are there like me Why can't we avoid all these miseries to prove ourselves to be mightier when actually we are not We are living in the voids of emotions for human race.

It is a request to entire human race to lead a progressive life maintaining harmony, love and respect for everyone avoiding the entire ego. Ego brings sufferings and disabilities and we do not possess right to return sufferings to mother Earth when she is nurturing us with all her love and care and blessing us with her umpteen treasure of natural resources and herbs to cure the ailment!.

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