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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Diveristy Action Plan for Verizon.Download file to see previous pages... The company also offers communication solution like faxing and voicemail solu

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Diveristy Action Plan for Verizon.

Download file to see previous pages...

The company also offers communication solution like faxing and voicemail solutions, information and data management solutions, conference web meetings and integrated message and communication services.

Verizon Inc has to set up a diversity action plan that defines initiatives and assessment of the diverse services and products offered by the company. Training the employees in diverse field is very important to encourage innovation and creativity since the current competition in the world needs a lot of revolution to conform to globalization. By doing so, Verizon Inc would be able to develop their strongholds, eliminate or rectify their limitation, exploit new opportunities ahead of their competitors as well as protecting itself from external and internal susceptibility to pressure (O'Brien 2004). Verizon Inc is a local company in the US with a potential of growing to multinational level since it's well established and it already has a good reputation. Prospective countries include Canada, Britain, Brazil, china and India especially European market and the emerging economies. The future of Verizon Inc is very dependent on the customers and the increasing use of technology in the country and the whole world at large. Verizon has a significant improvement in the number of customer and the trend is expected to keep on increasing in the future. Most of the users are family members and about 7.35 share their phones with other family members (Lee &amp. Epstein 2007). Other cell phone users are the businesses and cover a little fraction of verizon customers but with a marked steady increase of about 23% per year. Verizon customers are choosy and only respond the best offers and this has stimulated a lot of innovations at the firm attracting over 17% new customers who come to sample new products and services. Of all their customers, about 9.1% have interest in watching video on their cell phones.

Employee mix is the major strategy to achieve development since they are the ones who bring out the production and develop the products. Since the information and communication technology industry is the fastest growing in terms of technology creativity and innovations, workers in this sector need to be updated with the current changes and developments. Verizon is setting the trend in innovation in communications on the global market with help of its able staff. The company has over 238, 000 employees, 38% of them are in the management while 34 % are the junior staffs who are very active and trained in the new technologies. Workshops and other development seminars are very critical and are always carried out regularly. Over 40% of the employees are represented in the union (Lee &amp. Epstein 2007).

Diversity within Verizon

Some of the opportunities Verizon Communications Inc, capitalizes on include price reductions, improved productivity, diversity in brands, and less complex distribution channels involved. Verizon Communications Inc has established a tradition of using indirect procurement activities in its marketing strategy that have varied height of development (Lee &amp. Epstein 2007). The company has managed to ensure countrywide consistency in service despite set backs it receives from parent companies.

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