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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Reading reflection week 5.Download file to see previous pages... This leads to loss of willpower hence inappropriateness in decision-making process. A

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Reading reflection week 5.

Download file to see previous pages...

This leads to loss of willpower hence inappropriateness in decision-making process. Another aspect pointed out by the readings is the tendency to make decisions based on intuitions other than reasoning. This common phenomenon affects majority of people. This paper is a reflection on the two readings listed above. After reading Do you suffer from decision fatigue I found the idea that glucose depletion leads to deterioration of the willpower in decision-making process new to me. The article argues that people get fatigued throughout the day, which could affect someone’s ability to make decision. The article claims, “Ego-depleted humans become more likely to get into needless fights over turf. In making decisions, they take illogical shortcuts and tend to favor short-term gains and delayed costs. Like the depleted parole judges, they become inclined to take the safer, easier option even when that option hurts someone else” (Tierney, 2011). This demonstrates the effects of fatigue on decision-making process. This idea is applicable in my job at my father’s appliance repair shop. My job entails going out to auction and help my father pick washers and dryers. We spend the whole day working. However, we have to meet at the evening to discuss the day’s events. Additionally, we make very important decisions during the meeting. After reading this article, I have realized how the timing for the meeting can affect our decisions. I will make use of this idea to ensure that we hold future meetings when we are less tired and when well nourished. I could ensure that we hold the meeting before going for auction to discuss the previous day’s events and plan for the day. Alternatively, I would urge my father that we postpone sensitive decisions to ensure that the decisions are made when our minds are less tired. Additionally, introducing some sweet snacks during the meeting will help replenish our energy level improving our capacity to decide. The article Why your brain can't always make good decisions, connected with some ideas that I already know. I have always known that the human brain works with two different systems, which include the Intuitive and the reasoning side of the brain. According to the article “Psychologists believe the human mind has two systems for decision-making: intuitive and reasoning. The intuitive system is emotional, fast, automatic, but slow-learning while the reasoning system is emotionally-neutral, slow, controlled, and rule-governed” (Landau, 2009). The idea is related to the concept that people are more of right brain thinkers or left-brain thinkers. The former are considered intuitive, make decisions based on emotions while the later are rational and make decisions based on logic. In my partnership with my father, I am the rational thinker since I tend to make decisions based on available facts and reasoning. However, my father tends to have too high dreams and thus tends to work with the intuitive side of the brain. However, having different ways of deciding is helpful to our business since some decisions are best made through careful calculation, others through intuition. Intuitive thinkers tend to ignore certain situational factors in making judgments. However, they are creative, which is true since my father tends to generate several ideas, which we analyze and end up improving on our business. My presence ensures the decisions made are reasonable.

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