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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Self Reflection.It is evident from the study that upon close assessment of the concepts that were learned from HR, one significantly missed the knowle

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Self Reflection.

It is evident from the study that upon close assessment of the concepts that were learned from HR, one significantly missed the knowledge to understand fully the link between HR and the financial department. So far, one understands that HR will be more effective in the design of appropriate strategies within the HR department when the organization has duly and explicitly revealed the business strategies, mission and goals to achieve a defined financial goal. One needs to be more cognizant of the concepts that link functional strategies (those of the HR) and business or corporate strategies (that of the organization, as a whole). Only when HR strategies are aligned with business strategies would HR personnel be appreciated and successful in contributing to the financial success of the firm.One realized that there is a need to practice what the researcher learned from HR. The researcher needs to be more involved in programs that present diverse HR challenges in management because as part of the organizational setting, we learn from committing mistakes and we get to determine ways to solve manifested problems in HR. Sometimes, concepts are so good to read in books and authoritative references. but seem to be difficult to apply. Therefore, the researcher should have the ability to discern which concepts could be appropriately applied in one’s organization to find out best practices and the effectiveness, as well as applicability of these concepts in contemporary settings. To assist in enhancing one’s awareness for practical applications, I realized that I missed soliciting much needed feedback which works as a mirror to help me gauge one’s performance. My organization which I had worked has not established a supportive environment and failed to provide performance evaluation results that would recognize and acknowledge my strengths and address my weaknesses. Skills to be Improved One has identified the need to improve the following skills: communication, time management, coaching and mentoring skills, and technological skills, among others. I believe I have to develop communication skills in order to engage and enhance interpersonal relationships with employees in the work place. Likewise, there is still a need to learn how to be good in coaching and mentoring because these skills are crucial in manifesting leadership and empowering oneself to higher positions within the organizational hierarchy. In addition, I acknowledge that there is still a need to develop technological skills, in terms of using different technology applications which would improve various tasks and provide opportunities for innovation and professional growth. Finally, there is a need to balance my time between my life and work in order to eliminate work and life stress. Development Plan To address the identified weaknesses, one’s development plan is as follows: 1. To develop theoretical knowledge, one plans to continue learning through taking future course modules on human behavior in organizations and related HR courses. 2. One further plans to apprise oneself on current and future trends in HR and management through browsing authoritative references from journals, publications and even books on the topics where I am weak at. 3.

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