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Hi Techie!

Hi Techie! I needed some help with making a SQL file with the following conditions:

1. Create a table named Faculty to store FacultyID( Primary key), FirstName, LastName, Email, Dateof birth and number of courses taught to date. You should select the appropriate data types andconstraints for the table.

2. Create a table named Courses to store CourseID (Primary key), Discipline Name (e.g. SDEV),Course Number (e.g. 300), Number of Credits (e.g. 3), Year first offered (e.g. 2010) and CourseTitle. You should select the appropriate data types and constraints for the table.

3. Create a table named FacultyCourses to store the Faculty and the Courses they have taught. Youshould design the table based on the Faculty and Courses tables you previously created.

4. Use Insert statements to populate at least 10 faculty records, 5 Course records, and 25FacultyCourses records

5. Use update statements to update all Courses to 4 credits

6. Use update statements to update any Faculty who have taught more than 4 courses to modifythe number to 5 courses taught

7. Delete any Faculty record whose LastName starts with the letter ‘Z’

8. Delete any Course record that was first offered in 1999

9. Use select statements to display all records in all 3 tables. Order by the Faculty lastname, andCourse title as appropriate. Note you should use 3 separate select statements to satisfy thisrequirement

10. Use Select statements to display all Faculty who have not taught any courses11. Use Select statements to display all Courses offered before 198412. Use Select and appropriate joins to display all columns from the Faculty and Course tables foreach Faculty and Course in the FacultyCourse table. Note: this will be a 3-table join.

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