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HiI am strugglingto prepare for my final project for the subject,I need to generate a list of


 I am struggling to prepare for my final project for the subject, I need to generate a list of

potential business ideas that may form the basis for your final project (the Business Plan).

 I wants to prepare a by using a  Drucker's sources of innovation, including all of the creativity techniques presented. My business ideas do not have to be unique or never before tried businesses.  

 My assignment for this segment is to generate a list of twenty business ideas.

For each of these ideas I should provide a short paragraph describing the product or service and who it creates value for. 

I should also provide a brief description of the business model I am considering. 

You can transform problems that customers, businesses or organizations have into business ideas. The following are a few stimuli, or things that elicit a response, which can be used to generate a business idea for each stimulus.   1. Traffic in big cities is too heavy during rush hour. 2. Cyber crime is spreading. 3. There are so few chances for married people to have some time to themselves. 4. Older people complain about their aches and pains all the time. 5. Getting documents, such as licenses, permits, certificates and so on from the government takes forever. 6. Public and municipal services are constantly deteriorating. 7. It is a bother to make a good cup of coffee in the office. 8. Children play too many violent video games. 9. Minor surgery is only minor when someone else is having it. 10. Too many people do not really understand the value of an online degree program.

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