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HIM 435 Week 4 Midterm

This pack of HIM 435 Week 4 Midterm cover the next questions:

1. TCO 1. Two qualities critical to being a good leader are

2. TCO 1. Which is the most accurate, regarding the difference between leaders and managers?

3. TCO 1. Laggard adopters best serve the function of

4. TCO 1. Which of the following describes decentralization in management?

5. TCO 1. In a management sense, controlling means

6. TCO 2. Which federal regulation prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, and sex?

7. TCO 2. Under the Equal Pay Act, the factors of skill, effort, responsibility, and working conditions are identified as

8. TCO 2. The federal regulation that allows unpaid leave and provides job security to employees who take time off of work due to medical reasons for themselves or for family members is known as the

9. TCO 3. Work measurement is

10. TCO 3. Job classification

11. TCO 4. Employee development is important for all of the following reasons except

12. TCO 4. The second step in the training and development model is

13. TCO 6. Analyzing the system requirements is a part of which performance improvement process?

14. TCO 5. The work division pattern in which everyone simultaneously performs a different specialized task is known as

15. TCO 5. Match the following terms to the appropriate definition

16. TCO 5. Match the following terms to the appropriate definition

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