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HIS 303 Week 1 DQ 2 The Constitutional Convention of 1787

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Americans today generally revere the Constitution and appeal to it as an impeccable authority on current events (even when the Americans in question have never closely read the Constitution). However, when the Constitution was first presented to the American people, many of them opposed it and the nation almost did not ratify it. Even among the original framers of the Constitution (Framers) themselves, some, like Benjamin Franklin, thought it was imperfect and a few, like George Mason, refused to sign it. Identify the events and developments which led to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and explain the opposition to the new Constitution.

What weaknesses did the earlier Articles of Confederation seem to contain and how specifically did the Constitution address those apparent weaknesses? What major differences divided the Framers at the Constitutional Convention and how were those differences resolved? What objections did the anti-federalists raise with regard to the Constitution? How valid were their objections?

When responding to these questions, draw from the documents in any one chapter of John J. Patrick

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