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HIS 415 Week 3 Assignment The Buddhists Riots 1963

This pack of HIS 415 Week 3 Assignment The Buddhists Riots 1963 comprehends:

NOTE: The basic directions that apply to all the written assignments are available in Doc Sharing.In a paper limited to three pages double-spaced, answer one of the following two questions: In the context of the Vietnamese society as the course has presented it through the online textbook so far, what evaluation can be made about the leadership styles and personal examples of Ho Chi Minh and Ngo Dinh Diem that would enable both of them to tap into the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people and mobilize support for their initiatives? Why, in Vietnam, was personal leadership so very important? Refer to specific examples. Given the emerging role of the United States in mid-20th century world affairs as described on the online textbook, what evaluation can be made of the leadership styles Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy that made them effective or inhibited their effectiveness? Why in the United States is the direct leadership of the President so very important?Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page3NOTE: The basic directions that apply to all the written assignments are available in Doc Sharing.While history often appears to be a continuous stream of events and decisions, there are some that are so dramatic that historians sometimes call them turning points. Sometimes the term tipping points is also used. These are the moments when the whole future of events hangs in the balance.There were several such turning points in this weeks readings and discussions: the Buddhist riots of 1963, the coup detat against Diem in 1963, the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, the attack on USS MADDOX in 1964, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution of 1964, and the 1964 presidential elections.In a short paper of two pages double-spaced (maximum), take one of those turning points of your choice and write about it, answering these three questions: Why is your chosen turning point actually a turning point and not just another event? Why were the events immediately preceding the turning point necessary and essential in preparing for the turning point? What subsequent event or events were dependent on the action of the turning point, also, what possible event or events became impossible because the turning point occurred?

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