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History hw help for " Julie Wayne"


The HISTORY assignment is a 3-4 page (max) critical review article of either Carlos Bulosan's America is in the Heart, or Gordon Parks' A Choice of Weapons. A critical review article is NOT a book report. You do not want to summarize the book. Instead you want to share key information about the book and relate it to broader concepts/themes in American history. This kind of essay is “critical” not in the sense that it simply criticizes or points out the flaws in the work (though it may do this). However, It is “critical” in that it is a thoughtful discussion of the work, its benefits to understanding minority lives during the Great Depression, and its overall significance to American history. In short, this critical book review should employ “critical thinking.” See the resources folder for full guidelines

IT'S DUE IN 2 hours and a half HOURS FROM NOW

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