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History Questions

I need detailed responses to these questions, including references:

Spread of the Reformation

How did Zwingli differ from Luther? What is meant by "radical"reformers within the Protestant movement? What were the chief doctrines of Jean Calvin? Why did Calvinism become the most critical and the most influential form of Protestantism (outside of Germany, at least)? What were the causes of the break between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church?

Reformation in England

Why did Henry VIII break with the Roman church?

Was the Church of England a "protestant" church?  Why or why not?

Why was Thomas More executed?

Why did Queen Mary ultimately fail to restore the Roman Catholic faith in England?

Propaganda of the Reformation

How would you characterize debate on the issues of religion in the 16th century?

What was the significance of translating the Bible into vernacular languages (English, French, German)?

Describe some of the efforts to translate the Bible into English.  What was the importance of Luther's German translation?

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