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Home Task 1 - Good ComponentsSituation: Star Electronics, Inc.

  • Home Task 1 - Good ComponentsSituation:Star Electronics, Inc. received two supplies of the same type components for their production, 150,000 components from supplier #1 and 50,000 components from supplier #2. 
  • Both supplies were randomly mixed up in one big storage.
  • Later, Star Electronics, Inc. has figured out that the components from supplier #2 cannot be used for production due to their design incompatibility.
  • Star Electronics plans to make four devices, each uses one of the supplied components.
  • All four components for four devices were randomly picked from the supply storage.

Question:What is the probability that at least 3 of 4 produced devices would properly function? (in other words, what is the probability that at least 3 of 4 randomly picked components are from supplier #1). 

 Home Task 2 - Flipping a Good CoinSituation:You flip a good coin four times.

Question:What is the probability get exactly two heads and two tails in result in any order? 

 Home Task 3 - Dice RollingSituation:You role three good dice once.

Question:What is the probability that you have number 4 on all three dice?

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