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Homelessness is a serious problem that has been influenced by cultural stereotypes.

Homelessness is a serious problem that has been influenced by cultural stereotypes. It seems that we are gradually moving away from the assumption that homelessness results from laziness or the persistent reluctance of people to help themselves. In various communities in the United Sates, it is easy to relate homelessness to a variety of causes. No doubt, the loss of job neatly connects to the difficulty of people meeting their financial obligations. Put differently, some of these individuals out of work end up losing their homes or face eviction .It is also increasingly evident that the abuse of various contraband or illegal substances leads to homelessness. Arguably, veterans are not shielded from any of these problems. The real challenge and Herculean task is finding long-term and not simply temporary or short-term solutions .Of course, homeless shelters and food banks represent short-term solutions against homelessness.It could be suggested that the local officials should direct resources toward the needs of veterans who are also homeless. In this case, county officials may be compelled to combine the provision of shelter with any health-related treatments needed by the veterans in the community. It would seem that combat related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) would require the collaborative efforts of the federal government (more specifically, the Office of Veteran Administration), the health-medical community, social organizations and local political leaders. This is a problem often exacerbated by misunderstanding and neglect.It is noteworthy that service members returning from combat are expected to integrate into a community .It would therefore be useful to know how community leaders and organizations accommodate these service men and women. It would seem that their transition into civilian life would be less stressful if they are not compelled to deal with serious financial challenges sometimes related to job availability, quality health care and homelessness.

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