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Anglo American is a Gold mining company headquartered in London, but has operations they anchored and positioned themselves in South Africa where they have significant assets at risk as well as stakeholders. The definition of a stakeholder is anyone that has interests or risk in the company beyond the usual consumer, such as Anglo employees and their dependents, as well as investors and the municipal area in which they operate. For Anglo America, they unfortunately have to deal with the deadly epidemic AIDS. This autoimmune disease claims endless lives yearly in Africa, and although Anglo America has taken steps to respond to the disease by offering programs like the ART program, which helped AIDS employees share medical costs, it has the challenge of dealing with the high per employee costs that are associated with implementation. Like mentioned in the reading, simply throwing drugs at the problem will not yield results, and abstinence does not seem to be a viable route, so I believe further Research and Development needs to take place in order to result in a technology based solution. A better identification of Aids positive individuals will result in more accountability and the slowing down of spread of the disease. Although this will be a civil right matter, its better for society as a whole and stakeholders of Anglo America.

            Dyson after much litigation and research and development, managed to become a household name in the cleaning appliance market, specifically vacuum cleaners. After being extremely successful in major markets like north America and Europe, they failed to capture a market share in countries like China and India, the reading mentions the main reason for this lack of demand is the climate and temperature of these areas causing the preference to hard floors, as well as a lack of a dedicated power supply source. Typically countries with hot climates opt for hard floors instead of carpeted floors, compared to like we have here in the US . with the increase in available technology available to the competition of Dyson, there has been in increase in the products available similar to what Dyson offers. Having initial success with the Dyson Bag less Vacuum cleaner , it would be best for Dyson to recreate themselves and offer a powerless or solar powered cleaning tool in order to help combat “erratic power supply” problems in countries like China and specifically India, and in addition to further widen variety of products, they must produce a cost effective hard floor cleaning tool that will be target marketed at the population in China and India as well as Africa ( countries with low income per capita) with the markets that posses potential exponential growth. These these three regions would benefit from a cleaning solution that offers low power consumption, versatility, durability and reliability. A long lasting product will provide benefit to populations with little to no discretional income.  

Answer in 200 words each:

a) Identify the different stakeholders of Anglo American and their stakes.    What is your suggestion on how Anglo American could respond to these stakes?

b) Critically evaluate the business model of Dyson for its globalization business strategy.  What changes might be needed, if any, as the firm ventures into future growth markets beyond its existing markets?

c) Review the articles posted by your peers (you can select all postings and then click on collect to see them all at once).   Critically evaluate the postings of any one of the peers using the following guidelines.  (if you are the first to post, then come back in a few hours to answer this part).

1. POINT to some examples of good analysis you liked.

2. POINT to what you think is the central insight or theme

3. What MORE do you think is needed? Where? (any places that need more analysis or explanation, any information you need to understand what is going on better)

4. What LESS is needed? (anything that detracts from following and seeing the core of the story)

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