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Homework Business Ethics Chapter 1 Questions 1. "Ethics has no place in business". Discuss this Statement.

Homework Business Ethics

Chapter 1


1.      “Ethics has no place in business”. Discuss this Statement.

2.      Kohlberg’s view on moral development show that the more morally mature a person becomes, the more likely it is that the person will obey the moral norms of his or her society”. Discuss this statement.

3.      A student incorrectly defined utilitarianism this way: “Utilitarianism is the view that so long as an action provides me with more measurable economic benefits than costs, the action is morally right”. Identify all of the mistakes contained in this definition of utilitarianism.

4.      “every principle of distributive justice, whether that of the egalitarian, or the capitalist, or the socialist or the libertarian, or of Rawls, in the end is illegitimately advocating some type of equality”. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

Chapter 2


1.      “Free markets allocate economic goods in the most socially beneficial way and ensure progress”. To what extent is this statement true? To what extend do you think it is false?

Chapter 3


1.      “From an ethical point of view, big business is always bad business”. Discuss the pros and cons of this statement.

2.      In your judgment, should a U.S company operating is a foreign country in which collusive price-fixing is not illegal obey the U.S laws against collusion? Explain your answer.

Chapter 4


1.      Define the main forms of pollution and resource depletion and identify the major problems associated with each form.

2.      Do you agree with the claims that (a) future generations have no rights, and (2) the future generations to which we have obligations actually include only the generation that will immediately succeed us? Explain your answer.

Chapter 5


1.      Who should decide (a) how much information should be provided by manufactures, (b) how good products should be, and (c) how truthful advertisements should be? The government? Manufacture? Consumer groups? The free market? Explain your view.

Chapter 6


1.      Compare and contrast-  the three main kinds of arguments against racial and sexual job discrimination. Which of these seem to you to be the strongest? The weakest? Is there important difference between racial and sexual discrimination?

2.      “If employers only want to hire the best-qualified, young white males, then they have a right to do so without interference, because these are their business”? Comment on this statement.

Chapter 7


1.      In the view of the contractual agreement that every employee makes to be loyal to the employer, do you think whistleblowing is ever morally justified? Explain your answer.

Homework Business EthicsQuestion 1: Ethics has no place in businessThose who argue that ethics has no place in business claim that pursuing ethics in business operationstends to reduce profits....
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