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How can I round significant figures on a calculator?

In all scientific/graphic calculators there is a menu which lets you specify how many you want. In all menus you can go to the display setting and set the amount of significant figures you want. However, I am not sure if there is such an option on basic calculators.

<b>I can help you with the CASIO FX-9860 series:</b>

If you have a casio fx-9860gii, you can press shift-> menu from the run maths/graphing modes to go into the set up menu and then scroll down until you come across Display.

Then: Set it to Sci then specify number of significant figures if you want it in . or Set it to fix and then choose number of figures if you want it in normal notation.

Hope that helps.

Texas Instruments' calculators have a separate application that must be opened to round significant figures. This is only on some models however.

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